Split SPFT Readback Image

Split SPFT Readback Image – Splits Readback Image from SP Flash tool using a scatter file or PMT Partition inside readback Image.

  • NOTE ** If you want to split Readback image using a scatter file, please insure that you have a list of scatter partitions with “boundary check” checked before proceeding this step.
  • “Readback Image Start Position” is the “Start Address:” on SP Flash tool (Check the image below from SP Flash Tool). You should place the Start Position where the Readback Image Address starts. To be safe, set the start address to zero.

1. Read notes Written as shown in the image below.

2. For MT6572 and MT6592. If you addressed the readback image from ZERO OR NOT, Always check the SP Flash Tool Settings before Acquiring a Readback image. As shown below on SP Flash tool, you should select the EMMC_USER in order to backup All Partitions except Preloader. EMMC_BOOT_1 Contains Preloader partition.

3. (for MT6572 and MT6592) Assuming the size of Preloader partition is 262144 bytes.

4. “Get Partition info from PMT” Checkbox – Locate Existing PMT partition from SPFT Readback Image and use it to split the file.

5. “Get Partition info from PGPT” Checkbox – Locate Existing PGPT partition from SPFT Readback Image and use it to split the file.

6. “Use Scatter” Checkbox – Use current scatter to split the file.

7. “Check for existing partition infos” Checkbox – Searches any potential existing partitions from SPFT Readback Image and use it to split the file.

8. SPFT Readback Image > Browse SPFT Readback image you want to split.

9. Output folder > Browse for the output folder.

10. Ok button – to start progress.

  • If the SPFT Readback image starts with EMMC BOOT, It Produces an output named “preloader_nonFlashable_EMMC_BOOT” – an image which contains the header data that is non-flashable part of the preloader partition.
  • Check the Preloader output in Hex editor – it should starts with
    4d 4d 4d 01 38 00 00 00 | MMM..8…FILE_INFO”.
  • EMMC_USER – Basically contains Partitions after Preloader.