Modifying Scatter & Bootrecord Partitions

This application can allow you to simply change the Scatter and Bootrecord Partitions such as MBR and EBR Partitions.

Position/Linear Address – EMMC/NAND offset from Address 0x0.

Physical Address – offset after Preloader Partition (Preloader Position + Preloader Size) or the address from EMMC_USER.

  • Scatter > Right Panel

                * General Settings – Scatter File General settings for new Versions of scatter file.

                * Partition Details – Properties of partition.

  • Scatter > Left Panel

                * Select a Row and Right click


  • Change Size – Changes scatter and bootrecord(if linked) partition size. You are only allowed to shrink or extend currently selected partition in between the two nearest partition.

  • Create New – You must select an Empty Partition named “_[EMPTY]_” in order to create new partition.
  • Delete Partition – Deletes selected partition and creates an Empty partition named “_[EMPTY]_”.
  • Realign Linear Address – This is useful if you trying to load a scatter file generated from MTK DROID Tools, Miracle Box and other 3rd party tools that generate scatter file. Basically, generated scatter files from this tools may not be as reliable it seemed to be. Values from linear address should not be equal to the physical address except for Preloader and MBR partition. If you are going to flash your Phone using SP Flash tool in “Download Only” Mode – It shows “PMT Changed for the File” Error. Does requiring you to Use “Format All + Download” or “Firmware Upgrade”. Using both would result to damaged or loss of Calibration data, NVRAM and other non-downloadable partition. Using this function will fix your scatter file.

Boot Record (MBR, EBR1, EBR2)

– Boot Records can only hold 4 partitions (3 non-bootrecord partitions). The first partition of MBR must have EBR1 partition in order to connect the EBR1 via offset. EBR1’s 4th partition must have EBR2 linked via offset too.

Add from scatter – Adds partition inside Boot Record by creating a link that is offset to the Scatter partition.

  1. Right click and Select Add from scatter.
  2. Select the partition you want to link and click ok. (Selecting empty partitions, allows you to create a new partition.).

  3. Select Partition Type: by Default the Type of partition used is Linux.
  4. Click ok to add.

Delete Partition – Removes partition inside the boot record.

Adding and Deleting partition inside MBR will affect partitions inside EBR1 and EBR2, also adding and removing partition inside EBR1 affect partitions inside EBR2.