Importing PMT

PMT – Partition Map Table

  • Some mobile devices contains PMT partition. If you don’t have one, ignore all PMT stuffs. It is necessary to change PMT partition if you think it’s not risky enough to modify it. Attempting to modify such partition requires your original scatter file to flash PMT on SPFT. Once flashed, Keep your new PMT or New Scatter file because your original scatter file will not work anymore with an !error – PMT CHANGED FOR THE FILE on “Download Only mode”.
  • Some PMT partitions are PLAIN TEXT. Check it on notepad or as Scatter File and see for yourself.

Import PMT – Imports PMT Partitions as Scatter File.

1. Browse PMT File

2. After browsing check the image below. ** NOTE, Ctr + S saves the PMT file as Plain Text.

3. To Prevent Saving PMT as Plain text, change the destination to  MT65XX_Android_scatter_emmc.txt

4. Click “Scatter” tab and you should see something like this.