Importing Boot Records

Files > Boot Records – Contains MTK downloadable partitions that offsets partition from the boot record itself.

MBR – Master Boot Record

EBR – Extended Boot Record

** NOTE: It is recommended to load the scatter file before loading any boot records.

1. Browse MBR File by clicking the triple-dot button.

2. If the Scatter file is loaded, skip step ‘a’ to ‘h’, and proceed to step ‘3’,

a.  It will definitely ask you to enter the estimated EMMC/NAND Size. Choose from the dropdown list or manually enter the size and click ok.

It will not ask for the Memory Size if you entered once.

b. Choose the EMPTY partition.

c. Create a new preloader partition. Size = 6 Megabytes or 0, click ok.

d. Choose the EMPTY partition.

e. Create a new MBR partition. Size = 1024 sectors, click ok.

f. Next, It will ask you to locate the EBR1 Partition. Since EBR1 partition does not exist, choose the Empty Partition and click ok.

g. Create a new EBR1 partition. Size = 1024 sectors. Click ok.

h. Select “Scatter” tab.

3. Select “MBR” tab.

4. Do the same for Extended Boot Records by repeating step 1 until here.
IF you are loading EBR1 and it’s looking for EBR2, just select the LAST EMPTY partition as shown the image below. The partition size should also be 1024 sectors.
** NOTE: You must load all existing boot records (MBR, EBR1, EBR2).

5. Then, click the “Scatter” tab and you should see something like the image shown below.

*If you want to change the size of partitions inside MBR and EBR, right click selected partition and select “change size“.

Scroll down below for more info on how to change the size of partition.

6. After changing the size on either MBR or EBR. Select the “Files” tab and check the corresponding Boot records.

7. Finally – Click on File Menu and then click Save (Ctr + S) or Save as.