MTK Partition Editor

this partition tool allows you to:
mtk partition editor
– Create/Modify Scatter File
– Create/Modify Boot Records (MBR, EBR1, EBR2)
– Create/Import/Modify/Export Partition Map Table (PMT) files
– Split Readback Image from SP Flash tool.
– Modify Guid Partition Tables.
** NOTE – This application was not thoroughly tested. Fill free to email me any bugs and errors.
>> Download << – This application is FALSE POSITIVE. It uses an open source Obfuscator.
Common Reasons why you should use this application.

  1. You want to increase the internal memory to fit your android apps

    or in short resize Userdata partition. Even though you move most of your apps to the external storage and still this is not enough. This application will help you by allowing you to modify your MTK Device EBR1 or EBR2 without using a Hex Editor. You will only use a slider to resize it. Their might be a ton apps around their but most of them patches a premade EBR1 or EBR2 which will only be compatible on a specific device. This application will work on most devices with different brands based on MTK processors and it will do the rest of the computation to modify bootrecord (MBR, EBR) partitions.

  2. Split Readback Image from SP Flashtool

    It might be frustrating to manually use the readback tool on SP Flash tool by manually copy-pasting all the offset and size and saving it partition by partition or you have no scatter file for the device and you know the size of the internal memory. If dumping all the data in internal memory of your device is the only option, you can use this app to effectively split the Readback Image with various methods. This tool can find and extract PMT, PGPT, and other Partition Info inside that raw image and use that information to split the file.

  3. Make an Experiment by attempting to partition almost all partition on your device.

    Well, if you are an expert, you are not afraid to destroy your phone, you had enough time and you want to make lots of tweaks and experiments on your phone, this is a perfect tool for you. As of now, I’ve never tested this application to resize partitions beyond userdata. If you find it interesting to test, please let me know or comment your achievements here. You might be interested by trying to resize system data, boot and recovery partitions. Ported recovery partitions from TWRP or CWM may have larger space that won’t fit the stock partition’s size and making custom roms might need more system space.

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