Repartition your MTK device’s MBR, EBR

For MTK devices with MBR, EBR partition only.

  1. Prepare the following tools.
  2. Load scatter files and Bootrecords. load original bootrecords
  3. Use the MTK Partition Editor to resize any partition after PMT (if you have any) or MBR. The image below shows that you can only resize any partitions after PMT as long as it does not affect the position (address) of PMT. If you plan on changing the position of PMT, you must format the whole device except off course for the booloaders. But our topic will be focused more on SP Flash Tool Download Only mode. mtk partition editor scatter allowed
  4. Take for example the image below. As you can see, the space allotted for USRDATA is 500MB and FAT is 2.2GB. I want to increase the size of userdata to 2GB. 
  5. Right Click on the partition and change the size. mtk partition editor change size
  6. Press ok and you should see something like this.
    • Scatter tab 
    • MBR tab mtk partition editor mbr edit
    • EBR1 tab
      mtk partition editor ebr edit
  7. ‘Save As’ all files and don’t forget to check MBR and EBR.  Note: you should use the original scatter file in order to prevent flash errors on SP Flash tool. load original bootrecords … after flashing you might use the new scatter file if you are planning to update existing PMT partition or you want to reformat the whole device.
  8. Close the application and open the folder where you save those files.
  9. You should see this files.
  10. Open SP Flash tool, load the Scatter File, select Download Only mode.
  11. Load the Original Scatter File, new MBR, new EBRs and any partitions that were affected. You can load your backup userdata.img without losing your apps if you have it.
  12. Don’t forget to check ‘DA DL All with Checksum’ under ‘Options’ Menu > ‘Download’ tree 
  13. Click Download Button  until it’s done. 


  1. Hello

    Thanks for the tool.
    I’am try to partition my phone with MBR EBR1 EBR2 files that I download and suppose its for my phone, but with the files didn’t came with Scatter file.

    When I load the MBR file, a window is displayed to select estimate memory size. I choose 4GB for my phone
    next another window is displayed to select existing PRELOADER partition, but in the list only 2 partitions are available (_EMPTY_ and BMTPOOL). What should I do?

    Also if I load a scatter file that I use to flash my firmware, I got an error or warning saying “Some of Scatter partitions contain overlapping boundaries” How can I solve the problem?

    My device is an Alcatel Pop C7 7041x MT6582


  2. Hello again,

    Find another bug

    Can’t change sizes in the tabs MBR, EBR1 or EBR2.
    Error message: “Their are no partitions related to this partition”

    1. Sorry for that, Yea it’s a bug if scatter file is not loaded. I never tested this case. But it’s really better if you have the scatter file. I am currently fixing it.

  3. Your Programme is not safe Check it On virusTotal

    1. This program is completely safe. I used a modified opensource obfuscator to protect the program’s source code. I created this application and It doesn’t have any attached or embedded applications inside.

  4. Why should I use the original Scatter? For example, if I change the size of the userdata, obviously I must modify the scatter, or am I wrong?

    1. Later versions of MTK Devices does not need you to change the Scatter file. You might need to change the scatter file if you are dealing with old ones with PMT.

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